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Prisoner Nineteen: Book One (The Prisoner Nineteen Series 1)

In the first book in this thriller-horror series, fourteen year old Mikayla’s life is cast aside when she is wrongly imprisoned for the murder of her family and sent away to the maximum security prison, Whittmore Penitentiary. With no direction and no family, she is forced to grow up quicker than normally. Faced with dastardly creaters, a Warden who seems to have her in his favor, and a set of friends who may or may not be the start of rebuilding what she lost, she attempts to survive in her new hostile environment while still forced to deal with struggles of normal life and secrets she can’t begin to understand about herself. When things reach a breaking point for her, the only thing that she is sure of: If she wants to live – she has to escape. Set in a world that has given up on it’s youth, being below twenty is almost a crime.
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          YA Horror/Thriller
  • Print Length: 220 pages

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A little bit of fun. Some versatile watercolour covers. Could be used for murder mysteries, historical fiction, what-have-you.

Sold as a set for $30 each. Contact me if you need fewer or more than the full set and we can work something out.


Latest Feature Author – Angela Wallace

Angela’s latest book in her Elementals series is here!


The final book in the Elemental Magic series is now available! After finally discovering her birth name, Natalie West travels to Stanislaus National Park to track down an old friend of her parents who might be the only living link to them. Unfortunately, the man is a recluse and isn’t keen on talking. To complicate […]

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