Latest Premades and referral news

New $30 covers (above and Combo ebook and print $40 below) see $30 page and mainstream fiction page.

If you have referred to Spittyfish Designs by someone I have previously worked with, please let me know their name and they will receive $10.00 off their next custom or premade cover (with a value of $40 or higher) when/if SFD takes on the new client project. Over the years I’ve had quite a few authors referrals, and I thought it would be nice to give something back. After all, Word of Mouth is the best kind of advertising, and I do appreciate it.

New Designs and a question

Latest Designs at

I’ve been busy with a new project lately. Years ago I tried DAZ3d and I couldn’t figure it out, but something clicked and now I’m very addicted. I can create so many things that seemed impossible to find before, and at any angle. I’ve also met some fantastic 3d modellers and render artists who have helped me understand the workings on the program. The sci fi buildings and ship in the premade below, are from my own renders.

The Kraken in the ocean is also one of mine.

I’m trying to get images I will use, and some I will sell as stock. I have cowboys, steampunk ships, victorian gowns, regency gowns, sci fi, and more. And, if there are some you’d like to see created in to a book cover, just leave a comment below.

and, here are some more premades at spbc that aren’t using my renders 🙂 And there’s lots more.

latest Premades added to the $30 page

I have noticed a large handful of visitors to my wordpress site check my lower budget covers the most, and I haven’t been adding much new stuff here lately, so I am adding lots more to plump it up a bit. These are simple designs that work well for placeholder covers, poetry, non-fiction, and more, but less to series writers, and specific or detailed themes.

These are the newest covers with simple designs to appeal to a broader audience, and therefore set at a much lower price. Text can be changed as per usual. Image alterations or adds ons are subject to an additional fee.

Featured Author: Jackson Wilder

America: Dr. Wiley’s Construct-Episode 1

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We believe an AI will be invented in our future.
What if it’s already been invented … in our past?

New Atlanta, 1890.
Twenty-five years after the war. A divided nation struggles to heal.

Dr. Ezra Wiley, the brilliant inventor, believes in America, his country. And he believes in America, his Construct.  More than an aggregate of metals and gears, America is Wiley’s hope for a better tomorrow.

While working for military intelligence, Wiley denied even the possibility of a “thinking” Construct. Daily, America proves her inventor wrong. Sentience is possible – America is proof.

America’s unlikely friendship with two of the city’s most forward-thinking women fuels optimism. Wiley suspects America would join the humans in their joy and despair if she could; however, in a world rife with classism and bigotry, the gulf between Construct and human is vast.

In this episode, America astounds Wiley by prophesying a coming tragedy, and then shocks them both by experiencing emotion.

“America” is the first, short instalment in Dr. Wiley’s Construct, a series of contiguous novellas set in an alternate history with strong steampunk aspects. Look for the next episode the week of November 7, 2020.