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“Captain Sean Hartford didn’t believe the seer who warned him the Merryweather’s next voyage was doomed. Later, however, an explosion cripples his ship in space. Sean and a small group of survivors find themselves stranded, with little hope of rescue. Worse, it soon becomes apparent the ship was sabotaged, and the saboteurs aren’t willing to let them leave the ship alive.”

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This is a suspenseful semi-thriller with science fiction overtones. It’s also a character study of the story’s three leading figures and their evolving relationships as they race against time.

Location: Earth
Time: Present Day

An American biochemist sets out to save humanity by forcing the brain to evolve, to climb the evolutionary ladder to the next level. If he’s successful, he’ll threaten the status quo, the powers that be. As his approach uses designer drugs, it gives the FDA and DEA the perfect excuse to go after him.

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When a devastating global earthquake strikes, James Cole narrowly escapes the crumbling New York City skyscrapers with the help of a mysterious person. Now one of the precious few survivors, James’s goal is to get home to his wife through a locked-down Manhattan. But when an inexplicable darkness begins blanketing the city, deadly creatures appear and begin hunting any anybody they can find. With James and his companion the only ones capable of fighting, they’ll put their lives at stake once more in order to save the last of the survivors.
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