Latest Design: Vered Ehsani

Book blurb: Dragon’s War, sequel to Dragon’s Mind

How do you stop a war you started? And should you, if your species’s safety and wellbeing depend on winning at all costs? These are the thoughts that plague Myth as she paces the fortress where she is being kept a prisoner ‘for her own protection.’ Meanwhile, Dragon is in hiding, hunted by the albino assassin and the city’s very systems that he once ran. As his backup reserves are depleted and the clock ticks down to the launch of a global virus, Myth must escape to save Dragon and together stop the war that they launched. But time is running out and the albino is watching.

Latest Image: JM Brown

False Magic is now available for download from Smashwords at:

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For the month of October, it is on sale at $0.99.
Within the next week, it will be downloadable directly from Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore, and B&N’s Nook bookstore.

Later in the month of October, it will be available on Amazon in paperback format.

“Amy and Brenda, childhood friends from the wrong side of the tracks in St. Louis, beginHigh School when they get admitted to an exclusive girl’s boarding school in Baltimore. While struggling to survive in a new environment, they find both allies and enemies while attempting to discover what is true and what is false about Friendship, First Love, Magic, and Class Warfare.”