About Spittyfish and Pricing

Specializing in Young Adult & Mainstream Designs

Why that name?

You’d be surprised at the odd names that are already taken, and besides, spittyfish reminds me of my son swimming in the pool.

Spittyfish Designs arose from a passion to create pretty pictures, to bring fantastical ideas to cyber light, to brainstorm difficult plots into being, but, then one has a lot of finished images cluttering up their drivespace. So, I thought I’d hang a shingle, a design shingle.

My idea is to design pretty images, but to steer away from graphic adult content.

My topics of interest are fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, sci fi and, of course, contemporary.



Premade E book Covers $40.00 – contact for details

Premade Print covers including ebook size package $70.00

Custom design ebook $50.00

Custom design converted to print $80.00.

Sale premade cover – $25.00


Frequently Asked Questions about graphic designs

Q – Is the cover I am purchasing for Print?

A – Not unless you specify that as to what you need. We offer High Resolution covers and can create a print cover for you using specific measurements through sites such as Createspace and Vistaprint. Print covers start at $80.00.


Q- Who owns the copyright?

A – Because it is an artist’s work, the copyright remains with the cover artist. That said, you are allowed to use the cover to promote your book.


Q-  What are the limitations that come with my book cover?

A – Photo stock comes with certain print limitations. Each photostock site has its own set limit. If your cover/business cards/trading cards/postcards/bookmarks, etc…  are going to print, please request the number of maximum print copies you are allowed and do not exceed that limit.


Q – What changes am I allowed with each cover?

A – For the most part, the artist and author will go back and forth many times in an effort to get the cover looking how the author wants it. That said, there are limitations to the cover artist’s ability and availablity. Once the cover is finalized, we charge $25.00/each new modifaction. It is best to use a cover art form, and to fill it out in as much detail as possible.


Q – Can a cover be used for more than one author’s book?

A – No. Once a cover, premade or custom designed, has been sold, we take it out of our inventory. Most Photostock image licenses do not allow for multiple uses, but we also feel it is better to have an original cover for each book.


Q – Does Spittyfish Designs upload my print files to the print press?

A – Nope. Never done it. Wouldn’t know the ins and outs of it.


Q – What the various sizes are good for:

A –

100×150 = Avatar

200×300 , 300 x 450, &  432×648 = amazon/goodreads/blog posts

750×1125 = Barnes and Noble

1800×2700   &   up = Mostly publisher use for ebook and print.

2400 high res – Smashwords

2500 high res- amazon


9 thoughts on “About Spittyfish and Pricing

  1. I am interested in your premade cover in the suspense section with the young lady with the blue eyes. She looks african american…I can’t tell. Doesn’t matter I love that cover and would like to purchase it.

  2. I’m interested in the fifth cover in your scifi section, with the figure in white standing in the spaceship. I think it’ s beautiful, and it fits perfectly with the novel I just wrote. If it’s still available for purchase, I’d love to buy it. Thank you.

  3. I would like to order the cover currently titled Pirates Ashore, listed under your “latest premades”, but I can’t contact you through the email link. Would you please send me your email address so I can order this cover? Thanks.

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