About Spittyfish Design, FAQ and Pricing

Spittyfish Design offers quality ebook and print book covers, sold individually or in package form – specializing in fantasy fiction. Please see the samples listed below.

More premade designs can be found here: https://selfpubbookcovers.com/spittyfishdesigns

Each cover is sold only once. Changes included with a premade purchase are title and name change. There is a small fee for other changes or additional images. I do not supply a PSD file, nor do I design websites or logos, postcards or newsletters and flyers. There is a link on my Tips page for those offering that type of service.

Headers, teasers, Ereader promo material, can be created using images from your book cover design (please contact me for pricing on those).

How to navigate the site – each premade book cover is located under a broad genre, and then under a more specific genre. ie: paranormal has a Zombies section, a shifters section, and so on, Fantasy has Fairies, dragons, witches, etc…

If you have any specific questions or are having trouble finding a genre or type of cover, feel free to email me through the contact form or the email provided here (spittyfish (at)gmail.com

Availability – To inquire about a premade or custom design, please include your project details and contact information using the contact form below. If you would like to be added to my mailing list to be notified when new premade book covers arrive on the site, please indicate that on the form and I’ll add you to the list.

Pricing and book cover packages

All premades are categorized by genre and price. Ebooks can be made in to print covers, audio, and 3D at an additional cost. I ask that half the fee paid upfront, and the remaining half paid before I deliver the final copies of the cover.


I design ebook and print covers, audio covers, headers, bookmarks, postcards, teasers, promo materials, hanging banners, and box sets. Prices vary.

We don’t design business cards, web sites, or logos.


What sizes do I get with my book cover purchase?

  • You get 200×300, 300×450, 750×1125, Ebook (1800×2700) and two high res files, Smashwords, and Amazon
Why are there image credits listed beside some of your premade covers?

I’m a big fan of the creatives on deviantart and I belong to a number of stock groups. Most of those photographers, models, 3D artists request credit for the use of their image, but I also think crediting the source is a kindness, and an honest, upfront way of doing business. I also offer images for free, so knowing where the images are used is nice. I try to credit where I can.

I need to make changes to my cover, can you just tweak it?

  • alterations to a project that has been finalized are subject to a small maintenance fee of $25

Can I use the same book cover for more than one book, even in a series?

  • No, sorry. Images licenses do not permit multiple uses such as that.

Can I resell my book cover if I’m not going to use it?

  • No.

Can I have a copy of my cover without text?

  • No, this would go against image license restrictions.

Do you create logos?

What is your turn around time?

  • It depends on the work involved on the project and the others projects I’m currently working in. I like to give an estimate at the beginning of each project, but most will take up to three weeks. I do up a mockup design before purchasing any images, and try to get the main idea, based on your details and description of your book, to you as soon as I can.

Can I provide my own images?

  • Yes, if it is a purchased image licensed as a royalty free image, a photo you took yourself, a CC0 image and you can provide a link to where you obtained the image. I discount $10.00 of the total fee when images are provided but I may refuse to use the image if it is not of a high enough image quality.

Can I order an ebook cover now and upgrade to a print cover later?

  • yes

Can I hold a premade book cover?

  • Yes, but full payment is required first and I only hold it for Two years.

What print presses do you create print covers for?

  • KDP, Lightningsource/Ingram Spark, and Lulu

Can I have the psd file?

  • No. I cannot provide a layered file due to font and image license restrictions.

I love your designs but I can’t afford to buy one. Can you lower the price for me?

  • Sorry, that would be unfair to everyone, including me.

Are there restrictions in regards to my purchased book cover?

  • Yes. Most book covers have a print run limit of 250,000 to 500,000 copies (depending in the image license) and that includes everything you print with it, bookmarks, print covers, postcards, retractable banners, etc… If you ned to print more than that, you will need to purchase an extended image license.

Is the cover I am purchasing for Print?

Not unless you specify that as to what you need. We offer High Resolution covers and can create a print cover for you using specific measurements through sites such as Createspace and Vistaprint. Print covers start at $80.00.

Who owns the copyright?

Because it is an artist’s work, the copyright remains with the cover artist. That said, you are allowed to use the cover to promote your book.

What changes am I allowed with each cover?

For the most part, the artist and author will go back and forth many times in an effort to get the cover looking how the author wants it. That said, there are limitations to the cover artist’s ability and availability. Once the cover is finalized, we charge $25.00/each new modification. It is best to use a cover art form, and to fill it out in as much detail as possible.

Does Spittyfish Designs upload my print files to the print press?

Nope. Never done it. Wouldn’t know the ins and outs of it and I might mess it up. So, nope.

Can I request other sizes? 


9 thoughts on “About Spittyfish Design, FAQ and Pricing

  1. I am interested in your premade cover in the suspense section with the young lady with the blue eyes. She looks african american…I can’t tell. Doesn’t matter I love that cover and would like to purchase it.

  2. I’m interested in the fifth cover in your scifi section, with the figure in white standing in the spaceship. I think it’ s beautiful, and it fits perfectly with the novel I just wrote. If it’s still available for purchase, I’d love to buy it. Thank you.

  3. I would like to order the cover currently titled Pirates Ashore, listed under your “latest premades”, but I can’t contact you through the email link. Would you please send me your email address so I can order this cover? Thanks.

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