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A little bit of fun. Some versatile watercolour covers. Could be used for murder mysteries, historical fiction, what-have-you.

Sold as a set for $30 each. Contact me if you need fewer or more than the full set and we can work something out.


Latest Design: Angela Wallace






A collection of Supernatural Sleuth short stories.



Join Paige, Sean, and their vampire cat, Vlad, as they tackle some wild cases.




“Cupid’s Curse” — A simple job retrieving stolen property in a domestic dispute goes bad when the family heirloom has a powerful love curse on it…and Sean gets exposed.




“Let Sleeping Bats Lie” — The new vampire master of Seattle has a case for Sean and Paige: capture and kill a dangerous monster that escaped from Drake’s menagerie. But how does one go about trapping a giant cryptid bat with a hunger for human flesh?




“Missing” — When Paige’s friend doesn’t show for an important meeting, she sets off on a series of leads to track her down. Paige has to watch her step though, before she ends up missing as well.




“Trick-or-Tweet” — Some Halloween fun turns deadly when a cursed hashtag on Twitter starts killing those who tweet it.


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