changes to spittyfish

Spittyfish designs has raised their prices. it was time. I’ve been doing some comparing with other cover artist sites, as well as the latest higher price trend in print books, and decided this was inevitable.

To add a positive spin on this email post, I have also added a sales page. This is a work in progress at this moment, but so far I need to keep the sale covers as ebook only. That may change per cover (according to what each cover’s image license is).

Those authors whom I have created book series with, the prices will remain at the previous price (premade ebook $40.00 and custom ebook $50.00 and ebook into print at an additional $30.00). This is also the case for those authors who are in progress of having their ebook made in to a print cover.

Thanks for your interest in Spittyfish Designs.


~ Shelley


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