A bit of fun-nerd stuff

To those of whom who download without reading terms of use, you could be missing out. This isn’t a lecture, but a nudge to get a giggle.

Sometimes, those “licences”, those “read-before-use” files that come with the freebie are just plain wacky.

Wacky in a good way. Take for instance, Apostrophic Labs, a font wizard who puts as much flair into the “read-me” files as “they” (I say they because I have no idea what gender “they” are), do in to “their” font designs (which “they” offer for free at my favourite font hang out spot (Dafont).

I just read “their” .txt file that comes inconspicuously with fonts such as komikahuna, and independant, and I thought, “Man, that is so cool, well written, and … weird.” but worth it.

I’ve read many over the years, but I thought it was time to point this coolness out. Read those darn things, not just to cover your butt if “free” actually requires attribution, but because there are artists out there secretly sneaking up on unaware audiences.

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