Premade Covers

Premade E book Covers $40.00 – contact for details

Teen Contemporary

CountryGirl CityCouple Horse-Love BallerinaDreams-Full YA-Summer-Romance TEENFICTION        

Mainstream Fiction/Mystery/Thriller/Suspense

ModernDame-2 ModernDame-1 Contemporary SFD-Time-to-go


image credit – photoxpress






Image credit- Model- Martin at

Image credit-
Martin at

SFD-O&MStarter Night-mystery-SFD



Image credit-Rockstocks Window-with thanks :)

Image credit-Rockstocks
Window-with thanks :)


Two flying birds with thanks from Frank and Cary at Deviantart

Two flying birds with thanks from Frank and Cary at Deviantart

Young-Druidess Dark-Manor YA---Were-in-the-Woods SFD-DragonTales

SFD-SeriesWizard SFD-AWizard SFD-WWizard

(Above three – Potential for trilogy)



Image credit - Liancary-Stock  Deviant art-Liancary

Credit to Liancary is mandatory with purchase of cover :)  Thanks!

YA-Paranormal-Fantasy YA-Fantasy-butterfly Teen-angel  


Science Fiction



15 comments on “Premade Covers

  1. I love your covers -especially the absence of “adult” material. Do you not have pre-made for printed books as well – or are these sufficiently high-res to use on a printed cover too? (obviously back and spine would have to be added).

    • Hi Sharon, We do design print covers as well. Because we work through photoshop all the covers, both new and premade, can be made into print covers. We go through Createspace most often, and they provide a template which we fit the designs according to. Thanks for your kind words :)

  2. Need to contact regarding the purchase of a pre-made cover. Can you email me and then we can discuss details? Thanks!

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  4. I would like to buy the copper fantasy ebook cover, though I would like the girl’s skin to be a little darker (will pay extra for that, my protagonist is more Arab and less Anglo). Please contact me and see if we can work out something. Thanks!

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